"Sucralove" is a conceptual photo-series on sugar addiction. Sugar is one of the most widely abused drugs on the planet, yet nobody acknowledges it as such. This series aims to portray the stages of the sugar addiction process as an analogue to the more "widely-accepted" addictive substances. 

In this first image titled "Dopamine dreams", we have phase one, where the user first begins experimenting with the substance: it is fun, glamorous, sexy and alluring. We see a woman being consumed by candy in her bathtub, bearing an expression of dissociative bliss. This is only a foreshadowing of the more sinister stories to follow.

In this second image titled "Cotton Mouth", the user is partaking in a séance of cotton candy cannabis. The infamous gateway drug is opening up new pathways in the brain to seek out stronger sugar highs.

 "Enjoy" is the 3rd image in the series. A woman prepares her injection of carbonated bliss. Her expression is gaunt and vacant, and her desperation for the next fix supersedes any regard for her physical wellbeing. Empty Cola cans litter the floor and consume our subject in the throes of addiction.

"Rock bottom" is the fourth and final image of the series. Our subject lying in the fetal position on a barren cold floor, we see an insulin pump connected at the thigh. His eyes are blank and we are unsure if he is alive or dead, perhaps he's suffering through the withdrawl period. A vibrant pool of gumball vomit accompanies our victim.

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